Laurent-Boccon-Gibod Award

The Association of Academic European Urology has decided at the business meeting in Porto, December 5-7, 2014 to institute a first and prestigious Association of Academic European Urology (AAEU) award named The Laurent Boccon-Gibod AAEU Award of Academic Excellence.

Professor Laurent Boccon-Gibod is one of the creators and founding fathers of the AAEU. Together with Professor Michael Marberger, Professor John Fitzpatrick and with the executive support of Professor Frans Debruyne, in those days secretary general of the EAU, the concept of the AAEU was conceived by Laurent Boccon-Gibod. The aim was collecting leading senior academic European urologists with stature and national and international recognition. The creation of this association, with membership by invitation only, was very successful and the association now exists since 2002.

In recognition of the stimulating initiatives taken by Laurent Boccon-Gibod it has been proposed to create an award of Academic Excellence carrying his name.AAEU award

To qualify for this award, the nominee has to:

  • be a member (active or emeritus) of the AAEU
  • have contributed significantly to the meetings of the AAEU by presentations and contribution to the discussions at a recognizable highest level
  • have a general recognition for his/her academic value and quality amongst all members of the AAEU
  • have demonstrated sufficient human and social skills and capacities during the AAEU meetings


The candidate has to be of real academic excellence, meaning that he/she has full academic credentials and has (had) a position as a professor of urology in a recognized European academic medical centre or faculty.

Until his/her candidature, the candidate must have demonstrated excellent scientific and clinical work which must be reflected not only in a general national and international recognition, but also in his/her academic work, such as publications, presentations, scientific developments of scientific programs, initiations of innovative academic urological realizations and relevant contributions to urological education, training and teaching.

He/she must also have demonstrated over a period of time devotion to not only academic urology but also to all European urological organizations in particular to the EAU.  It will also be in favour of the candidate when he/she has served or is serving as an officer or a committee member in the EAU Offices or the AAEU (or any other urological national, European or global urological association or organization). The candidate must be a talented communicator of his scientific work and endeavours. He/she must be a recognized presenter, debater and discussant. He/she must have contributed to the urological academic realizations (preferentially in Europe) in a very identifiable and visible way. These contributions must have been recognized not only by his peers and friends but also on a level of more general objectiveness and acceptance, such as citation index, peer-reviewed contributions to the scientific literature, publications, CV etc. It will be in favour of the candidate if he/she has already been nominated or proposed for recognized awards of national and international urological communities.

The candidate is selected by a nomination committee which according to the constitution of the AAEU is composed by three past presidents of an AAEU meeting.

Winners of the Laurent Boccon-Gibod Award:

2019: Prof. H. Huland (DE)
2018: Prof. R. Hautmann (DE)
2017: Prof. M. Marberger (AT)
2016: Prof. U.E. Studer (CH)
2015: Prof. C. Schulmann (BE)