Michael Marberger Lecture Award

Professor Michael Marberger was one of the founding members of the AAEU. During his lifetime he has tremendously contributed to European and global urology. He was the president of the first meeting of the AAEU in Vienna in 2002. He was one of the most convinced, influential  and stimulating persons for the creation of the AAEU be relentlessly stimulating the than leading European Urologists to fulfill his dream of an independent, exclusive hence and selective European Academic organization including the most important and established European Academic Urologists. The Michael Marberger Lecture award was approved by the AAEU Generan Assemble at its meeting in Warsaw. December2016. It consist of a will be a ceremonial lecture given at the opening of the annual meeting to be presented by an active or emeritus member of the AAEU nominated by the Award Committee (AC).

Winner of the Michael Marberger Lecture Award:

2010: Prof. G. Thalmann (CH)
2018: Prof. F. Hamdy (GB)
2017: Prof. H. Van Poppel (BE)