AAEU Board

AAEU Board

The Board and Officers of the AAEU are responsibilities for all activities executed in the framework of the association’s aims and purposes.

Related to these objectives, the AAEU will however closely collaborate with the Executive Board of the European Association of Urology (EAU), which also aims at promoting and supporting in the broadest sense clinical and scientific activities in all fields of urology for all European urologists.

Board of AAEU is composed of:

  • Secretary General
  • President-Elect of the upcoming meeting
  • Meeting President
  • (Honorary) Communication Officer

The current composition of the board:

  • Secretary General: John Heesakkers (term three years once renewable)
  • Meeting President:  David Castro Diaz (term 1 year)
  • President-Elect of the upcoming meeting: Chris Chapple (term 1 year)
  • Member: Bernard Malavaud
  • (Honorary) Communication Officer: Frans Debruyne (term at libitum)

The Membership (MC) and Nomination Committee (NC) is composed of:

  • 4 members of the Board
  • the Past Meeting President
  • 1 representative of the active members
  • 1 representative of the emeritus members

The MC&NC members elect the chairman of both committees (term 3 years)
The current composition of the MC&NC:

  • Chairman and Emeritus representative: Jens Rassweiler
  • John Heesakkers
  • Joan Palou
  • Jochen Walz
  • Frans Debruyne

Programme Committee (PC):
The Board is responsible for the scientific and social programme of the Annual Meeting.

Award Committee (AC):
The award committee proposes the awardees which have to be approved by the board. This committee consists of 4 past presidents of the AAEU and recommends candidates for honorary membership and all other awards of the AAEU. The members of the AC elect their chairman (term 3 years)

The current composition of the Award Committee:

  • Chairman: Clement-Claude Abbou
  • John Heesakkers
  • Francesco Montorsi
  • Frans Debruyne