AAEU abstracts

AAEU Abstracts

Dear Reader,

It is an honour and a pleasure for us to present to you the abstracts from the meeting of the Association of Academic European Urologists (AAEU) that was held in Marseille in December 2021. The AAEU is an association of leading academic urologists from Europe, dedicated to research of the pathophysiology, occurrence and treatments in all aspects of disorders of the urogenital tract. Its objectives are to promote the role, position, and activities of academic urology in Europe. The AAEU intends to achieve this among others by:

  • Promoting clinical and fundamental scientific urological programs and achievements in academic urological departments;
  • Providing a forum for presentation and discussion of academic achievements in the field of urology and related areas;
  • Communicating these various goals via the annual meeting and assigned journals and communication papers

Every year a two-day meeting is organised in which the members and guests present their own research in every subfield of urology. This research is new and has not been presented or published yet. In a plenary setting, all AAEU members and invited guests, then discuss the presented findings. Also, those urologists that are not specialised in the field of the presented topics, contribute to this discussion from their own perspective. This results in lively, high quality discussions in which all aspects of the tackled issue are highlighted. As such this is an integrative approach of a urological problem that gives direction for  future consecutive research and clinical excellence. Therefore, the concept is appreciated very much by all participants.

In the 2021 hybrid Marseille meeting, many topics were presented. Unfortunately, many members and invited guests could not attend because of the COVID pandemic and had to send in a recorded presentation or had to present via Zoom or Teams. Although this works to some extent, it is a less than ideal solution because interaction, on a scientific but also on a social level, is sparse. Typically, the AAEU tries to balance the meeting with respect to urological topics, topographic spread of the participants, gender and colour. This is not an aim as such since the scientific value is the key focus. Looking at the final result of the scientific  meeting, everyone can judge to what extent the aims were achieved.

In total, 36 abstracts were presented and all are published in this issue of European Urology Open Access. Half of the presentations (18) were on oncological topics of which 11 (30%) were dealing with prostate cancer. 9 Presentations (25%) had a functional urological topic, 3 presentations were on urolithiasis,  3 on andrology and 2 on general urological issues like training. This seems to represent a better balance than most urological congresses. On the other hand, only three lectures were presented by women. Perhaps this reflects the academic situation in Europe, but the AAEU should strive to do better in this respect.

Esteemed reader, with this supplement we offer you insight in the dynamics of AAEU and we hope that we may welcome you one day as our guest.

John Heesakkers
Secretary general
Frans Debruyne
Honorary communication Officer
Jochen Walz
19th AAEU meeting president


Abstracts of the 19th Meeting of the Association of Academic European Urologists (AAEU).
2-5 December 2021 in Marseille, France.

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