History of the AAEU

History of the AAEU

The idea of the AAEU commenced at the beginning of this century. After discussions between Profs. Boccon-Gibod, Marberger, Fitzpatrick, and Debruyne, the latter being Secretary General of the European Association of Urology (EAU) at that time, it was agreed to create an exclusive scientific and clinical platform for exchange at European level. Leading experts were invited to join together for the first time in Vienna in 2002, under the presidency of Professor Michael Marberger.

The first meeting was attended by appr. 45 academic invitees from all over Europe representing almost all leading urologic centres. Having been found a success, it was decided that the meeting should be continued in a structured way, on an annual basis. The steering committee consisting of profs. Boccon-Gibod and Debruyne drafted the first constitution of the organisation and it was decided to organize a three-day meeting, taking place each year in the first weekend of December.

The initial idea was to create a society independent of any urological society. However, since the majority of the first accepted AAEU members were also active in the EAU, a rapid collaboration between the AAEU and the EAU emerged.

Since the initial meeting in 2002, 21 meetings have been organised, demonstrating the strength, originality and scientific quality of academic European urology.

Meeting and President History

2002 Vienna (AT) Michael Marberger
2003 Brussels (BE) Claude Schulman
2004 Milan (IT) Francesco Montorsi
2005 Edinburgh (GB) David Tolley
2006 Amsterdam (NL) Frans Debruyne
2007 Prague (CZ) Ladislav Jarolim
2008 Tel Aviv (IL) Jacob Ramon
2009 Madrid (ES) Carlos Llorente
2010 Budapest (HU) Imre Romics
2011 Moscow (RU) Dmitry Pushkar
2012 Salzburg (AT) Günter Janetschek
2013 Paris (FR) Clement-Claude Abbou
2014 Porto (PT) Francisco Cruz
2015 London (GB) Ian Eardley
2016 Warsaw (PL) Piotr Radziszewski
2017 Dresden (DE) Manfred Wirth
2018 Rome (IT) Vito Pansadoro
2019 Bratislava (SK) Jan Breza Sr.
2021 Marseille (FR) Jochen Walz
2022 Malmö (SE) Per-Anders Abrahamsson